New Orleans Electrician Doing Good In The Community

Remembering The Importance Of Service

We recently had the opportunity to help a needy family get one step closer to moving back into their home in New Orleans. While we can’t do every job for free, when there’s a need that comes up that’s real genuine, I like to know about it.

We’re helping Mr. and Mrs. Smith get back into their home by upgrading their old out-dated aluminum wiring installation complete with new receptacles and a new service panel as well as working with the city of New Orleans to get their home inspected and their meter back in place.

The Smith family is really doing their best to get back into their home. They’ve been displaced since Hurricane Katrina and relocated to Albany, Georgia. For the last year or so, they’ve been living with their daughter in the city.

Before the storm Mr. Ronell and Mrs. Sylvia Smith worked as long distance transportation commuters. Wanting to be home on a regular basis, they decided to find local jobs before the storm hit.

By the time the storm hit, Mrs. Sylvia had become ill. In fact, she went from an evacuation shelter to the hospital where she was diagnosed with Echalsia. It’s a rare swallowing disorder that affects ones ability to swallow their food. It affects about 1 in 100,000 people. Over time it becomes progressively more difficult to swallow and get food to the stomach.

True fighters, Mrs Sylvia and Mr. Ronell never gave up no matter what the doctors said. Even after getting laid off last year, Mr. Ronell and Mrs. Smith kept fighting and they are never short of a kind word or smile for others.

Mrs. Sylvia found out about Trinity Electric via our phone book advertisement a couple of months ago. She was attracted to our company logo – a cross. We take our faith and walk with God seriously as well as the charge to give back.

Because of this, I truly believe we are a blessed company. We talked and prayed together and I could discerned that the Smith family was a family in need that I could help.

There’s a lot of talk about community, but I think small businesses have the resources to really help out more in our local community. Small businesses do have the resources to help people a lot more than most larger corporations.

It’s easier sometimes to just cut a check rather than give of your time and resources. That’s what we’re doing – giving our time and resources to be a blessing to someone in our community.

There are several things that I admire about Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They are such an inspiration. Their tenderness to each other and the strength of their marriage really impressed me.

We’re so happy to be helping the Smith family get back into their house. Finishing their electrical inspection last week, we hope they will be able to get back to the things they enjoy in their own home real soon. They both enjoy reading the Bible together and Mrs. Sylvia is looking forward to getting back to gardening in her backyard, sewing more, and cooking more wholesome meals in her own kitchen.

We’re pleased to share this story with our Trinity Electric family. We are not sharing this to brag or to boast but to challenge you to find ways to give back to your community even if it’s a small thing.

As we remember the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on this day, his commitment to service and community and his convictions led by his religious and spiritual beliefs, we carry our charge to do more in our community and remember that charity starts at home as Jesus taught.

At Trinity Electric we value safety and community. The Safety Foundation International recommends a full blown safety inspection for any home that’s 40 years old, that’s had a major renovation, that’s changing hands from one owner to the next, or has had a major appliance added.

When summing up the number of houses that fall into at least one of the above mentioned categories, almost every home can benefit from a routine safety inspection.

At Trinity Electric, we’ve done our best to make these inspections affordable and hassle free for all our customers new and old. Keep your home and family safe and remember, we can all do more in our community. If we can ever be of assistance to your family or business don’t hesitate to call us at (504) 305-1222 or visit our website at

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