Niga Mini Ceiling Fan

Here is a Niga mini ceiling fan. Model FC08-79. It is 790mm. I bought this fan (along with the GMC) from the same electronic store where I got my two Nigas last year. This fan costs IDR 80.000. It is my first 4-bladed mini ceiling fan. I show it with 2 blades first, then 4 blades. It blows more air than my other mini ceiling fans. My mom loves the design and the color of this fan. I kinda thinking to install this fan in my TV room (where the Niga FC08-55 installed earlier before I took it down), but sadly the hook doesn’t strong enough to hang the fan. Since this fan is bigger and heavier than the Niga FC08-55, but I will try with a different hook. I also have the video of it bladeless, so stay tuned for that video!

For those of you who are also Moslem, Happy Fasting!

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