Nikola Tesla And The Quest For Wireless Electricity

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John Behrens and Sparky Jewell, members of Omega Recoil, explain the Tesla coil’s origins and Nikola Tesla’s efforts to transmit energy wirelessly. They also describe their own attempts to recreate Tesla’s experiments and make wireless energy a reality.


In the late 1800s, Nikola Tesla began experimenting with transmitting power wirelessly via the earth’s crust and the ionosphere. He invented what we now know as the Tesla Coil; this device was capable of generating extremely high voltages, and was the precursor to radio transmission. What was Tesla doing? How was he doing it? Does wireless power work? The Omega Recoil team have been re-creating some of Tesla’s wireless power experiments, with interesting results.

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John Behrens is currently a cinematographer who photographs independent features, television, documentaries and live music. He is the owner and operator of Point Beach Productions, a production and effects company for the motion picture and television industry. Behrens has also served as a high voltage consultant for Discovery Channel’s MythBusters.

Sparky Jewell is a member of Omega Recoil, a team of scientists, builders, engineers, showmen and industrial artists that have been conducting experiments with electricity in the San Francisco Bay area since 1999.

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