NO ELECTRICITY BILLS (step 1) Abolish Your Connection To The Electricity Grid…

With close regulatory oversight, a home owner in Victoria, Australia gets a professional Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) to “abolish” a residential electricity supply. This is ATYPICAL because (i) the DistCo had already issued a Defect Notice, and themselves abolished the “active” wire upstream of the service fuse (brown porcelain rectangular object); (ii) the property was vacant, and (iii) the owner was not a current or recent customer of any electricity retailer.

However, this action _may_ have wide applicability in opening up ” abolishment” (i.e. permanent disconnection and safe isolation from electricity utility supply) to competition, in a formerly tightly controlled and expensive monopoly service.

DistCo employees (“linesmen”) normally control the service fuse, but where service has previously been disconnected by the DistCo, it is legal for a REC to remove all wires between the service fuse and the energy meter, and again all wires between the energy meter and the home-owner’s switchboard.

Any reasonable court of law, regulatory regime or administrative tribunal would “surely”(?) regard the customer arranging for a qualified contractor to remove HIS OR HER OWN WIRES at a residential property as DEFACTO ABOLISHMENT of the electricity supply. This assertion may well need to be tested in a court or tribunal…

So now THIS home owner, already in advanced stages of commissioning his off-grid solar photovoltaic power system will be finalizing the 230-volt AC connection from his inverter to his switchboard, and enjoying a future of “NO ELECTRICITY BILLS”.

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