OMD: Electricity – OMD With The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

On June 20 2009, 80’s synth-pioneers Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark realised a 30 year dream, backed by the rich resonance of a 75 piece orchestra, the visual majesty of filmmaker Hambi, and the vision of artist Peter Saville.
Set in the opulent and historic setting of Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall, OMD performed their imposing back catalogue abetted by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, after collaborative audio-visual installation The Energy Suite received its orchestral premier.

The hit laden set, dripping with classics such as Enola Gay and Joan of Arc, and stuffed with exclusive firsts, such as the primary live outing of Radio Prague, is captured in all its magnificence on Electricity: OMD with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. The band’s determination to utilise the entire orchestra to maximum effect saw Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys abandoning almost all the original instrumentation in favour of complete re-workings of the song arrangements.


Disc One – Concert
1.Radio Prague
4.Joan Of Arc
5.Maid Of Orleans
6.All That Glitters
7.La Femme Accident
8.Talking Loud & Clear
9.Dream Of Me
10.Walking On The Milky Way
11.Native Daughters Of The Golden West
12.Sailing On The Seven Seas
13.Enola Gay
15.Romance Of The Telescope

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