Overhead Wire Maintenance @ Stratford Station London.

Filmed from platform No. 8 on a misty winter Sunday in the early 1990’s.

I do notremember the exact date I filmed this, but since we see 1992 tube stock trains on the Central line so it has to be after the early 1990’s. Other trains seen are Classes 312, 315 and 321, plus some push-pull InterCity trains using what I assume to be a Class 86 electric locomotive at one end and a DBSO (Driving Brake Standard Open) at the other end. With their normal tracks closed for the wiring works these are seen using platforms 6 and 8, which are normally used by ‘local’ passenger trains.

I am guessing that the wiring works were in connection with the track and platform alterations when the track configuration (for the fast tracks only) was changed from two through tracks which did not serve platforms and two through tracks which served platforms 9 and 10 to three bi-directional tracks, all of which served platforms 9, 10 and 10a.

I don’t know what the yellow maintenance vehicles with an elevating flat platform on a scissors lift are called, but we see several of these, including one which is driven along the track (note the exhaust fumes) and then rises so that the work crew can reach the overhead wires.

The films ends somewhat abruptly when a fast train to Southend Victoria (first stop Ilford – home for me!) is announced. Nevertheless, its over 8 minutes in length. All filming was hand-held, and as an added bonus at times a few camera handing noises are heard too.

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