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Need an Electrician? Find your local Electrician today.

Vested Utility was founded by two Western Australian Electricians wanting to make a difference in the industry. By providing small electrical business with an online job management platform, Vested Utility is able to connect customers with their local Electrician.

With increasing competition for the first page of Google, it is often impossible for small business websites to outrank large franchises and companies. This makes finding your local Electrician very difficult as they’re buried on page 10 of your search results.

Franchises and larger companies have a lot more overheads which can translate to a higher hourly charge out rate. Vested Utility uses your postcode to find your nearest Electrician- less travel time equals a lower charge-out rate.

A strict review system and a 12-month warranty on all works and components ensure only the highest quality.

So rather than paying an arm and a leg for a large scale electrical business to come to your house in a months’ time, find your local Electrician with Vested Utility and get a free quote today.

To find an Electrician Perth, local to your area, visit and fill out the form. Alternatively, call 1300 790 849.

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