Pikachu But With No Electricity

This one took me a while to do, what was getting me was the jab pummel. It would be last stock mid % and i would pummel, then cry in defeat. I dare you to go try this one out.

Also im gonna try something newish. Expect a video thats smash related but kinda different. Send your clips here if you have some for this “video” saltplaysx2@gmail.com

Submit Your Salt Here!

If you want to have your clips featured in one of the salt is real videos, send your “CLIPS” not full replays to saltyzx2@gmail.com – Highlight the clip in your video you would like to showcase and render that part and upload it to any popular file sharing website and then send me a link to the download. MAKE SURE YOU TURN THE MUSIC VOLUME DOWN WHEN RECORDING. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Now if you don’t have a capture card and would like to send in your clips. Use the Replay Uploader provided on your Wii U and Send the youtube link to saltyzx2@gmail.com. Make sure your Subject is the main part of the video and put a timestamp telling me what part of the replay the goods happen in the body of the message. Also be sure to submit your GamerTag/Username so i can give you a shoutout! Good luck :]

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