Plug Mark Drywall Electrical Socket Cutouts With NO Measuring How To

Find & mark hidden existing single-gang, multi-gang electrical boxes easily – with NO Measuring!
Accessory item for rehabilitation and drywall replacement installations — requires use of #8105 Blind Mark Locator magnet, not included.
Perfect for replacing or covering existing drywall, the Plug Mark uses powerful rare-earth magnets to help you accurately locate and cut access holes for existing wired sockets in sheetrock, paneling and other materials with NO measuring required.
Great if you are repairing damaged walls, converting a garage, doing a basement, a kitchen or bathroom, adding wainscoting, or any other rehabilitation or remodeling involving doing electrical box cutouts on drywall, paneling or other wall covering materials.
Hang it once, cut it right – with the Plug Mark you simply put it up once, cut the hole and you’re done.
For more information or to find the dealer nearest you call 800-854-8075 or go to

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