Polyteck Electrical Maintenance

Take a look at how Polyteck takes care of the Electrical Maintenance at your property.

Polyteck Electrical Maintenance
Today we’re at one of our central London buildings, where we are carrying out electrical maintenance.
It’s important to carry out electrical maintenance on a frequent basis, to ensure safe operation and use of the electrical installation. We are here to show you some of the tasks we carry out as part of our electrical maintenance, helping us to ensure safe use of the electrical installation.
As part of the electrical maintenance or the annual routine inspections, what we do is, we do a visual survey of the electrical switch gear, appliances and general condition of the installation. We are looking for any signs of overheating — what we do also is a thermal imaging scan looking for hotspots.
Once all the tests and visual surveys are completed, the reports are sent to our office. All the information gets input into our software, and is then reviewed by one of our qualified NIC supervisors.

Costas: Here at Polyteck, we feel we have the key specialists in the right areas of all aspects of electrical services. We have vast experience and knowledge. As an electrical company, we feel that your building will be safe in our hands.

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