Power Inverter -1300 Watt Car Inverter-110 Volt Outlet And USB Port Car Inverter

Got this package right now from Amazon Prime and it is the energy inverter and we’re gonna open it up, see what’s in there and check out what it looks like. There it is, right there. 1300 watt energy inverter, 12V DC to AC 110 and let’s open it up. There’s the inverter itself and the energy cables for it. We got the post-tri here for hooking the leads into. This is the first one, this is for hooking into the cigarette lighter, just the 12V output on the car. Ok then they’re clearly marked red and black so we take the red on red and black on black.

And now it’s prepared to go, looks like it would match some international plugs also, so that is a bonus and it’s got the USB output on here and then the, of course the on-off switch, got a nice fan on it for keeping the system cool. It also comes with the cables to hook it up directly to the battery if you want to do that. We’ll show you how to do that. One of the powerful alternatives of this inverter is being in a position to hook it directly into your car battery. So we’re gonna show you how to do that real rapid. You wanna locate a safe spot to set the inverter and then as you notice, she connects the positive red cable 1st and then the black cable. You normally wanna do this to prevent arcing. When you have effectively connected it to the battery, all you have to do is plug in your device and switch it on.

The inverter features a powerful fan so that this can run for a lengthy time without overheating. When you have the inverter connected directly to the battery, you are in a position to use larger devices and appliances. Make sure if you are connecting it to your actual car battery, you don’t run down the battery to the point that you need to jump your automobile. When you are completed making use of the inverter, you just unplug your device, and then you notice that you disconnect it in the reverse fashion, so you will disconnect the black 1st and then disconnect the red once more to prevent arcing.

Merely eliminate the unit and close your hood. If you want to use the inverter in your automobile, all you have to do is just connect the leads by unscrewing the post caps and then place on the lead for the 12V adaptor. The intended use of the inverter in the vehicle is to run smaller sized devices off of it, charging a phone or laptop as the car’s wiring is not created to run massive appliances off the 12V connector. For most automobiles, in order to run the 12V adaptor in the automobile, you need to insert the essential and place it to the accessories-on position. Normally one click in, when you run the accessories on your automobile, you can plug it in and use it. Plug in your device, here, Kim is using a laptop, and turn the inverter on and you are very good to go.

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