PUBLIC LECTURE : Importance Of Following IEC Standards & Adaptation Of IEC 62305 In SL

PUBLIC LECTURES : “Importance of following IEC Standards & Adaptation of IEC 62305 in SL“ and “Lightning Protection for Modern High Rise Buildings”


Eng. (Prof) J. Rohan Lucas

Qualifications: BSc (Eng), MSc, PhD, CEng, FIESL, FIEE, IPEng

He is an Emeritus Professor in Electrical Engineering of the University of Moratuwa. He is also an International Professional Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK) and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka and an International Professional Engineer. Having graduated with a BSc Engineering degree from the University of Ceylon in Peradeniya and postgraduate degrees from the University of Manchester, he has over 40 years of postdoctoral experience in teaching, research and professional experience, in Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. He is a recipient of the Jaycees TOYP Award for Academic Excellence, Research Excellence Awards and Teaching Excellence Award by the University of Moratuwa and the Engineering Excellence Award by the Institute of Engineering Sri Lanka. He has been involved in the formulation, inspection and approval processes of the Sri Lanka Standards Institution for perhaps 40 years and has been involved in the recent adopting of IEC Standards on Lightning Protection.

Eng. S. Gopa Kumar

Qualifications: B.E., MBA

He is an Electrical Engineer by profession and a member of various national and international Standardizing organizations. He is a Director – Technical at OBO Bettermann GmbH &the Managing Director for OBO Bettermann India. He is also Director at LP Consultants International Pvt Ltd, who operates from Malaysia, Middle East & India, who are one of the unique consultancy company in Asia providing design and training supports on EMI/EMC, Shielding, Bonding, Lightning Protection system etc.

During the years his involvement in lightning protection moved towards non business & knowledge sharing. He is involved in lightning protection systems design and engineering since 1997 & has done numerous site studies, projects & technical seminars on Lightning Protection System across continents and have vide experience in many aspects of civil engineering as well.


Conventional Lightning Protection systems are many centuries old, right from the era of Benjamin Franklin, supported by International & National standards and backed by field proven references across the world. Few decades earlier, when the copper prices went up, all were looking at alternate solutions and the relevant governing bodies have come up with alternate practices for modern high rise buildings

Join this event to learn about the latest IEC / SLS standards & practices in Lightning protection Lightning protection of modern and high raise building, Electrical networks – Substation with in building, Protection against over voltages due to fault in HV system, lightning and EMI, Bonding networks for modern buildings with IT, Structural Earthing – How to utilize steel in reinforcement effectively for protection of electronics with in the building, Keeping in line with the latest IEC recommendation.

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