Quick 12V Power For DIY Truck Camper Using Cigarette Lighter Outlet

– Living Off The Grid In A DIY Truck Camper

When my inverter suddenly broken an unrepairable way, I found myself suddenly without a dependable and replenishable way to charge my phone, which is my #1 electrical need. For a few days I recharged it off of an emergency jump battery, but when that ran out I needed a more permanent solution. It occurred to me after a few cycles of recharging from my cigarette lighter outlet that I should install one in the camper! It’s an easy install — just hook up the wires to the battery (or fuse box in this case) and you’re in business. Now I can not only plug in a USB car charger, but also a small cigarette lighter inverter I can use to run the LED lamp at night or plug in my macbook.

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