Quick Dual Outlet USB Wall Plug

This multi-function outlet from Quick Supply wa fairly easy to install. Just make sure you turn off power to the outlet before you attempt to replace an existing power outlet. I installed this one near my home office. I like that the (2) USB outlets are built into the outlet so that the other AC outlets are freed from me having to plug in chargers for my portable electronics.


My plan is to get several more fo these outlets for other rooms in my house! :)

15 Amp & 125V Rated AC Electrical Outlet – High Powered 2 Amp Dual Port USB Charger. USB wall charger FCC approved with thermoplastic top & back body -tamper proof virtually unbreakable
60 HZ USB Wall Socket – Charges iPhones, iPads, iPods, all Apple products, Kindle Fire & Android. Double USB Port Wall Plate for home – Back and side wired for easy installation. Designed for the USA – Two vertical high powered USB Ports & 2 electrical outlets – 100% Guarantee

The outlet itself is well made, and very stylish. It will look great in any room of your house.

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