Quiet Cool Whole House Fan – Installation Video

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Feature: Cools whole house by up to 30 degrees and attic by up to 50 degrees
Benefit: Cuts A/C costs by 50 — 90%* and reduces A/C wear & tear
Feature: Exchanges whole house air volume 15-20 times per hour
Benefit: Breathe fresh air continually; Control mold & mildew; Reduce Airborne sickness
Feature: Exhausts cooking, pet and other odors
Benefit: Enjoy an odor free environment
Feature: Whisper quiet operation
Benefit: Sleep, talk, or watch TV without noise disruption
Feature: Customize a system for any size home
Benefit: Control your investment costs
Feature: Most energy efficient whole house fan systems on the market
Benefit: Recapture your investment quicker than any other “green energy” product on the market
Feature: Industry Leading Warranties**
Benefit: Industry Leading Peace of mind for a decade!
Feature: Self Contained system in a box
Benefit: Easy do-it-yourself installation or 1-hour professional installation***
Feature: No structural incursion
Benefit: No permits required

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