Replace An Electrical Outlet, Easy DIY

This video describes how to install an electrical outlet. An electric receptacle is an easy DIY job. The tools needed are not very expensive and once you figure out how to replace one outlet the rest will get faster and easier! Be safe, double check your pwoer is off, and alwasy use a circut tester like in the video to make sure you completed the job correctly.

Tools Needed:
1. Small Flat Head Screwdriver
2. Philips Head Screwdriver
3. Something to Cut Wire, recommend 10″ linesman Pliers
4. Something to Strip the Wire, Recommend Vise-Grip Wire Strippers

Disclosure: We are not licensed electricians, and as with any DIY project, you should seek out multiple resources and information before undertaking a project. This is a job that a DIYer can do, so do it!

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