Residential 3 Phase Meter Panel Combo (revisited)

In reference to comments made on (Electrical Wiring- Residential 3 phase service) I wanted to expand on this subject:

The video titled “Residential 3 phase service” is what it says,this is 3 phase service provided to a residential home by the utility company.

The old panel is not a 3 phase panel but a single phase panel with a 3phase breaker known as a “delta phase breaker in my neck of the woods”.

We will take a look at 2 examples:

The new service panel and its cut sheet.

A cut sheet is a mfgs specification sheet outlining the products information.

It’s difficult sometimes to convey all the per tenant information in a 4 minute video. I try to get the key message a crossed. I don’t intentionally leave out or misrepresent the information.

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