Science – History Of The Universe Vol. 3: Physics & Electricity | Francis Rolt-Wheeler | 1/6

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Science – History of the Universe Vol. 3: Physics & Electricity | Francis Rolt-Wheeler | Astronomy, Physics & Mechanics | Audiobook full unabridged | English | 1/6
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Multi-volume work on science edited by Francis Rolt-Wheeler. The third volume is on physics written by George Matthew and on electricity written by Professor William J. Moore. The section on physics covers matter – analysis and properties, heat, light – its sources and its nature, and sound. On the subject of electricity, it discusses the nature of electricity, electrostatics, fundamental discoveries in electric science and how electro-chemistry was developed and electromagnetic machines. It also details technologies advanced by discovery of electricity and electromagnetism such as electric lighting, the telephone, electric railway, telegraph and wireless telegraphy. It also explains the development of power transmission. – Summary by Sienna

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