Scientific Eye Electricity For The Future S102LS77

1. List three electrical devices that you use every day in the home before leaving for school.

a. ______________________________
b. ______________________________
c. ______________________________

2. How many units of electricity does a 100 watt light bulb use if left on for 30 hours?

3. How many units of electricity are used every year in the UK?

4. What three things are needed to create an electric current?

5. At Drax, how fast does the turbine turn (turns per minute)?

6. How many coils of wire are there in one of Drax’s turbines?

7. What is burned Drax to turn water into steam?

8. What turns the magnet inside the turbines at Drax?

9. How many train loads of coal are used every day at Drax?

10. How many people does Drax supply electricity to in the UK?

11. How much of our electricity comes from fossil fuels?

12. What gas, which comes out of the chimney at Drax, contributes to climate change?

13. Which 2 gases cause acid rain?

14. What comes out of the cooling towers at Drax?

15. What is the danger of using uranium for generating electricity in a nuclear power station?

16. How much (in %) of our electricity comes from renewable resources at the moment?

17. What limits how much electricity we can get from chicken litter?

18. What other biomass fuel can we use?

19. What makes willow and eucalyptus trees good for growing biomass?

20. What is one advantage of wind farms?

21. What is one further advantage of placing wind farms out at sea?

22. What type of electricity is generated when falling water turns turbines?

23. Why is solar power technology still not very common in the UK?

Where do you think your electricity is most likely to come from when you’re in your 50s?

Give your reasons.

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