Seasons Quick Install Ceiling Fans In Their House

UPDATE: The people (that lived in this apartment) had moved out since around (I believe) mid 2011 (probably around June or so, as I went to their new house in early-to-mid July that year).

Seasons Quick Install 42″ ceiling fans in brushed nickel. One in the dining room, the other in the master bedroom. You’ll notice that both of them are flushmounted. The one in the dining room has a cool speed-up sound on high btw. Yes it was recorded on the first month of the year 2011, back when I was over 15 in-a-half. It has black blades on the other side. My first time going in this apartment was about like pretty much more than a year ago, and the second time was early last Summer (when we came back from from Utah to visit my grandparents), and this was my third time going there.

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