Simple Wireless Electricity System

A pancake coil and a transistor. 1x AAA battery is being used to power the circuit.
The coil is an old modem lead, with 2 wires running through it. The wires are connected following Nikola Tesla’s classic pancake coil method.

All receiving coils are made from similar former computer modem leads.
The first receiving coil shown is a single winding coil, not bifilar, with an LED connected across the start and end of the wire (thanks to YalgorupIT for the middle positioning of the LED idea, he makes his like that and it’s a good neat placement).
The second is a pyramid/conical type of bifilar coil, with a blocking oscillator inside and LED out of the top.
The third coil is a bifilar pancake, with a blocking oscillator circuit mounted on the top. This coil shows that the energy can power circuit loads.

The effect of transfer was discovered by accident a couple of weeks ago.
I was moving some circuits out of the way in the utility room and one pancake coil oscillator was running via a calculator solar cell. As I crossed over the top of that coil, another pancake oscillator flashed
Reducing the components to just the transistor gave this circuit shown today :)
I’m not sure of the amperage used, but is likely similar to a Joule Thief draw. A 1ohm resistor may well be used to discover the draw as experiments carry on.
No capacitors, no resistor etc, the pancake is filling in for the usual components with its own resistance and capacitance !

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