Space Engineers – Rotors Transmit Electricity & Folding Solar Panels

Space Engineers – Rotors Transmit Electricity & Folding Solar Panels
This patch is like a wet dream for any of you have ever wanted to build massive solar arrays and folding solar panels. Rotors now have the ability to transmit electricity through them as well as allowing accesses to components on the other end of the rotor.
————————————–Pa­tch Notes———————————–­—–

– electricity is now being transmitted through rotors (inter-grid electricity and communications relaying)
– “center of mass” indicator (enabled in terminal screen: Info panel)
– moved some of the world settings to the new “advanced settings” screen
– new world settings: automatic removal of respawn ships
– new world settings: automatic trash removal
– new world settings: world size limit
– ban on player’s screen (F3) for dedicated server
– improved landing gear (setting break force, auto-lock feature)

– fixed crashes caused by landing gears, rotors and merge blocks
– fixed crashes when character was walking near asteroids
– fixed toolbar issues (drag and copy, right click, double click)
– fixed crash when creating Crashed Ship scenario
– fixed frozen cube builder preview
– fixed auto-submit log after game crash

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