SpygearGadgets 720P HD AC Powered Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera Overview And Sample Video Footage

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When you need a covert camera to blend into any room, the AC Powered Electrical Outlet High Resolution Hidden Camera is the ideal camera for the job.

Because electrical outlets are everywhere, you can literally place this camera in any room you want – home, business, retail, or wherever you need hidden video surveillance.

Just like our battery powered version of the electrical outlet camera, this model also installs directly into the wall. With this AC powered model however, it draws it’s power from your existing electrical wiring. The ideal way to install this camera is to simply remove an existing outlet, and use the existing 2 wires to connect to this camera.

When you are ready to watch your recorded video, simply remove the Micro SD card from the outlet, and insert into any PC or Mac computer and click on the video files to play.

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