SpygearGadgets 720P HD Battery Powered Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera Overview And Sample Footage

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The Motion Activated Power Outlet Hidden Camera is the perfect hidden spy camera that can easily blend in into any environment!

What makes this camera unique is that it features “body heat activated” motion activated recording, which results in long battery life. Get up to 90 days of operation on a single charge.

Operation and using the electrical outlet camera is simple – just insert the memory card, connect the battery cable, and it’s ready to start recording whenever motion is detected.

For installation of this camera, we recommend cutting a hole wherever you want to place the camera. You can also use an existing electrical outlet hole, as long as you don’t need the outlet to actually function as a working electrical plug.

To view your videos, simply remove the memory card from the outlet, and insert into your PC or Mac. Then click on your video files to play – it’s just that easy.

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