Steam Engine With Alternator DC Electricity Off Grid

Steam Engine with Alternator DC Electricity Off Grid

Wow, electrify your home or cabin with steam.

Up for sale is my fully machined and assembled steam engine from castings including cross slide, flywheel, eccentric, piston and rings, and all moving parts for the engine. This engine has forward and reverse. The bore is 2.75 inches with a 3.00 inch stroke. The overall length of the engine is 24″ the width 18″ and the height 30 inches. The flywheel is 10″ dia. It weighs 150 lbs. I estimate the hp at 3.5 to 4.5 depending on boiler pressure. The oiler and valves are included. It runs at 425 rpm wide open. Using v belt pulleys you can step the rpm up. The battery is not included.

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