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Electrician Objectives
Students in the Electrician program at Summit College learn the skills necessary to be a professional electrician in a hands-on environment. Guided by knowledgeable faculty who have years of experience as electricians, you’ll gain a deep working knowledge of the most current technology and equipment. The Electrician program at Summit College is designed to put graduates in a position to offer families and businesses the highest level of service and ensure that they have power when they need it.

What Will I Learn?
You will learn what matters most in an active learning and training environment. By covering relevant topic areas, your time will be spent on gaining a solid understanding of all the resources, equipment, and technologies you’ll use as a professional electrician.
Electrician Program classes include:

Electrical Theory
Measuring for Electricians
National Electrical Code Application
Electrical Circuits
AC & DC Machines & Motors
Low Voltage
Green Electricity
Residential Installation
Commercial Installation

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