The Electricity Song – A Science Music Video By Untamed Science K-5

Electricity, yo. Living out their Beastie Boys fantasy in possibly the nerdiest way ever, Rob, Haley, and Jonas rap about electricity. Memorize this song if you want to know some facts about electricity for the rest of your life.
It is part of a set of 48 music video made by Untamed Science for incorporation into the K-5 Science Curriculum in Pearson Publishing text books. Each music video appears at the end of a 3-4 minute adventure video that revolves around that subject. The series is available through Pearson Publishing.

This video features Rob Nelson, Haley Chamberlain Nelson, and Jonas Stenstrom. It was shot in Boston, MASS. A special thanks to Lauren and David Burn letting us crash with you and borrow your lovely home!
Music and lyrics were written, produced, and recorded by Christian Chamberlain. Video editing by Matt Browning.

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