This Electrician’s Son Is One Of The Best Park Skiers In The World | Slope Time In Sochi, Ep. 3

Meet Jérémy Pancras – he’s an electrician’s son from a small town near Annecy, France. He Also happens to frickin’ kill it in the park. After competing in the Slopestyle event of the 2014 Sochi Olympics he is spending some time in the Alps before heading to the AFP World Championships in Canada and finally to the American West Coast to train those Double Corks. Check out some of his awesome park sessions near home before he hits the road for the summer!

Director: Obsess Studio
Producer: Obsess Studio
Athletes: Jeremy Pancras
Sports: Skiing

This Electrician’s Son Is One of the Best Park Skiers in the World | Slope Time in Sochi, Ep. 3

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