Top 20 Interview Questions For Electrical Maintenance Engineer

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1) Why ELCB cannot work if Neutral input of ELCB does not connect to ground?

2) What is the difference between MCB & MCCB, where it can be used?

3) Why in a three pin plug the earth pin is thicker and longer than the other pins?

4) Why Delta Star Transformers are used for Lighting Loads?

5) What are the advantages of star-delta starter with induction motor?

6) If one lamp connects between two phases it will glow or not?

7) What are HRC fuses and where it is used?

8) Two bulbs of 100w and 40w respectively connected in series across a 230v supply which bulb will glow bright and why?

9) What happen if we give 220 volts dc supply to bulb or tube light?

10) What is meant by knee point voltage?

11) What will happen if DC supply is given on the primary of a transformer?

12) Why humming sound occurred in HT transmission line?

13) How can we start-up the 40w tube light with 230v AC/DC without using any choke/Coil?

14) If 200w, 100 w and 60 w lamps connected in series with 230V AC , which lamp glow brighter? Each lamp voltage rating is 230V.

15) What is the difference between Electronic regulator and ordinary rheostat regulator for fans?

16) Which type of A.C motor is used in the fan?

17) What is the difference between synchronous generator and asynchronous generator?

18) What is the Polarization index value?

19) What happens if we connect a capacitor to a generator load?

20) Why the capacitors work on ac only?

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