Typical Task For The ICI Electrician: Installing A Floor Box

This is a time lapse self-videoture of me installing a brushed brass coloured, floor-recessed, flush-finish multipurpose device enclosure at the new Faculty of Law building for the University of Toronto. The box is really just a few electrical and communication outlets under a fancy flipflop.

Things get a little intense when the thing doesn’t fit, so I break out the chipping gun and grinder. The prelude to that is a clean, nothing-but-net drop of my screwdriver down into the oblivion below. If a law student of the future decides they want a free Phillips head screwdriver, let me know, and I’ll give you the room number. You’ll have to break through drywall and destroy the lighting in the ceiling below to get it, but what a hell of a story to tell your friends, right!?

I’m not much of an actor at work, but I drop my screwdriver somewhere just after the two minute marker. That’s funny shit.


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