US Marines Will Be Bionic And Produce Electricity Just By Walking – Lightning Packs & PowerWalk

Marines testing the Lightning Packs & PowerWalk , theses 2 “gears” produce electricity when the marine walk with it.

Electricity generating Backpack design can provides renewable electricity to soldiers by replacing disposable batteries the pack permits longer mission duration and reduces the demand for resupply operations.

Movement converts to electricity
Power generation with a 50 lb load

Activity | Average Electrical Power
Walking at Relaxed Pace : 12-15 W
Walking at Hump Pace : 20-35 W
Running : 33-40 W

Bionic Power’s first product – the PowerWalk™ M-Series – was developed in collaboration with the Canadian Forces and the US Army. It resembles an athletic knee brace and weighs about 850 grams (1.7 lbs) per leg. With a device on each leg, a user walking at a comfortable speed generates an average of 12 watts of electricity. At this rate, a little over one hour of walking generates enough electricity to charge four mobile phones. The PowerWalk™ M-Series intelligently adjusts the amount of energy that it harvests as a function of walking speed and terrain, harvesting more energy when available and dialing back energy harvesting when it might be obtrusive.

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