Added glow effect and increased saturation. Next version, speeding up animation, better flow, spacing, barge lights and maybe a wave effect.

Update March 2015: Currently working on a new version with correction to floats, animation, musical score and reflected water effect. I am producing a pdf booklet entitled Fire On The Water: A visual history of the Walt Disney Electrical Water Pageant 1971 to the present.

1971 Electrical Water Pageant.

Sea Serpent (three floats)
Whale (one float)
Two Sea Lions (one float)
Clamshell (one float)
Three Mermaids (one float)
Three Jumping Dolphins (three floats)
Octopus (one float)
Three Flying Fish (one float)
Four Seahorses (one float)
King Neptune with Mermaid on lap (one float)
Stars & Stripes (all floats)
(Show was followed by a fireworks display from barges.)

This is an ongoing project and will be updated as new information is revealed.

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