Water Turtles & Edible Aquatic Plants @CTTC-IEC 30thAnnualShow2010

Thanks so much to Amy & Kirk’s Aquatic exhibit at the show… the baby turtles were so cute & reminded me of how we use to purchase them in plastic bowls with palm trees for a couple of bucks until they (under 4 inches) were outlawed due to salmonella poisonings from children not washing their hands after handling aquatic turtles!

Also included was the discussion on how turtles get picked up & put out for adoption from illegal importation seisure by customs agents.

RedEarred Sliders

Aquatic edible plants for water turtles to eat & purify the water

Watter Hyacynth
Water Lettuce

These are babies in aquarium tanks that need to be changed daily to prevent salmonella from their defecation.
It’s recommended once they get big enough with hard shells to put them outside in an adequate airated flushing pond where the aquatic plants can sunbath & reproduce providing an ecological balnce.for turtles & fish.
Water turtles are omnivorous & eat plants, fish, worms, anything found in a natural pond.

They eat chikenHotDogs too, but they’re really to greasy & not to good for you too!

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