What To Do With Electrical Grounding In A 1950s Home? Denver Electrician, CO

– Today’s question was, “I have a 1950’s home, what do I do about grounding?”

First, you’d need to determine what kind of wiring and grounding you’ve got. A quick check you can do is look at the outlets – are they 2-prong or 3-prong? If they’re 2-prong, they are not grounded.

It’s really important to note that while you could replace the outlet, you might not actually be grounded. To be properly grounded, you need to have a ground wire that runs to the branch circuit to the panel, then to a branch rod.

While you can retrofit a ground into an older house, proper grounding needs to be done throughout the house. As you might imagine, this can get a little costly.

Article 210.8 of the National Electric Code On House Electrical Grounding states that you cannot have half of the house with grounds and the other half without a proper ground. In this instance, you MUST install GFI outlets. Comparatively, GFI’s are much less costly when compared to rewiring the entire house. These outlets cost around each and can

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