Why Did Thomas Edison Electrocute An Elephant? (A Brief History Of Electricity)

whats next?: “A Brief History Of The Rocket ( Used in the war of 1812?)”


Electricity is essentially what makes modern-day life possible.. If we didn’t have electricity our entire civilization would be completely unrecognizable From what it is today Of course something that important is bound to have an interesting history so let’s take a look at it
Lightning has fascinated human beings for as long as there have been human beings around to witness lightning. But it wasn’t until the past two hundred and fifty years or so that we actually had a means to study and figure out exactly what lightning is. Benjamin Franklin tied a key to a kite and 1752 and flew it into a storm proving once and for all that lightning was infact electricity ( you mave have heard of this experiment). however The first means of creating our own power didn’t come around until 1831 When a British scientist named Michael Faraday discovered that by passing a magnet through copper coils he could create electricity…. This was by far one of the most important discoveries in the history of power as this is still the method that we used to make Power today.( granted the magnets are a tad bigger now)

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