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This Wireless Energy Generator is able to transfer electricity for a distance of app. 2 -3 cm. It was created by adjustment of my original Free Energy Generator for Light Bulb which you can se in my previous video:
The Free Energy Wireless Generator will be prepared soon. It will be able to supply wirelessly the light bulb for a very long time just by one starter electric impulse from battery. I need to incorporate strong capacitor to the generator to be able to do that. The electric transfer is secured thanks to copper coil, adjusted generator and thanks to copper and zinc wire.
The copper wire has to be opposite the zinc wire. It is interesting Science Experiment also for Kids. They can light low consuming light bulbs wireless.
There are already a lot of inventions like wireless lighting and wireless charging of mobiles, phone and batteries as well. So the wireless electric transfer is nothing new.
There is a lot of inventors trying to create free energy for a long time. However you can find free energy every where around us: like solar energy, wind energy and water energy. It is not a science fiction. The most famous free energy inventor was Nicola Tesla.
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