Wireless Electricity Is Almost Here!?!

Very soon, we will live in a world without power cables. Thanks to innovation that was developed by MIT in 2007 and is now being commercialized by a company called WiTricity, the day where you don’t have to plug your computer into your wall or charge your phone or tablet seems very near.

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Electromagnetic waves—like those created in the system’s base station—work just like sound waves. And magnets—like any other objects—are subject to the phenomenon of resonance. So, by tuning the magnet in the base station and the magnet in the receiver to resonate at the same frequency, the research team was able to create an electrical charge in specifically-tuned receivers, and no charge in others—effectively targeting energy transfer (in open rooms and around corners) and making all other objects in the house—even other magnets—unaffected. Companies are now developing products that will likely launch in the next 2 years that make wireless power a reality. And as the technology becomes more robust, it will logically scale up so that not just entire homes and buildings are wirelessly powered, but entire neighborhoods and cities. We’ll also be able to eliminate the use of expensive, inefficient, wasteful, pollution-causing batteries. As any device within range of a base station would be able to draw power from it instead of an internal battery – in a similar way our wireless devices access the internet through wifi networks.

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