Wiring 2 Gang Receptacles / Outlets – Reconstructing Spirit Hill Trade Tips

How to wire a receptacle. How to wire double gang receptacle. How to wire 2 gang receptacle. How to wire double receptacle.
Learn how to wire and install a Duplex Receptacle or Power Outlet (2 outlets in a single box). Join the two receptacles or outlets together by connecting a black wire (hot line) to the brass side of each receptacle, then do the same by connecting the white wire (neutral line) to each receptacle. If this is a receptacle or outlet in the middle of a power circuit, simply you’ll have two hot lines, two grounds, and two neutrals in the box. Wire the grounds together with two pigtails for the two outlets, then simply connect one black, one white, and one neutral to each power receptacle or outlet. If you are at the end of a power circuit you’ll have one neutral (white), one hot line (black), and one ground (exposed copper). Pigtail the ground so each receptacle is property grounded, then attach the white to one receptacle and the black to the other receptacle. Black is always on the dark or brass screw, white always on the light or silver screw, ground is generally always green.

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