XMPP For The Smart Grid, ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451.1.4 – Smart Grid Educational Webinar Series

In this presentation, Mr. Miller will discuss his new white paper with the same title that will be presented at the SGE’12 Smart Grid Engineering Conference in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. He will discuss IEEE P1451.1.4 standards which are also known internationally as ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451-1-4.

IPDX (the reference model for the XMPPI standard) currently offers transport of MODBUS TCP and DNP3 via XMPP. Mr. Miller will discuss adapters for IEC 61970-301 and built-in mapping of IEEE 1815.1 (previously DNP3) to IEC 61850. There are also new capabilities which will include location tracking, sensor monitoring, and asset identification using Smart RFID.

The core capabilities are also now available to tie-in to the DHS UICDS (Unified Incident Command and Decision Support) system that is being used for earthquake monitoring in California. It can provide immediate notification of events such as power failures, data sharing between utilities, etc. There are also new capabilities to use Android/Apple devices using XMPP under mobility. New capabilities also can be used to prevent cyber-attacks and enable use of the Internet substantially reducing cost and complexity.

Presenter(s): William Miller, President/Owner of Maximum Control Technologies (MaCT)

Mr. Miller is President of Maximum Control Technologies (MaCT), a MILLER W J & ASSOCIATES Company, which provides consulting and systems integration services internationally with offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Hong Kong. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. He has over 30 years of experience designing, managing, and installing numerous distributed process control systems for power, paper, chemical, and cement industries.

Mr. Miller was chairman for IEEE P2030 TF3 SG2 for Interoperability of the Smart Grid, now chairman of IEEE P1451.1.4 Smart Transducer Interest Group, chairman of ISA100 Common Network Management Interest Group (CNMIG), NIST PAP02, and has participated in review of many federal IT security standards including FISMA standards and NIST 800-53 ICS (Industrial Control Systems) vs. NERC CIP standards. He also now serves on IEC/ISO JTC1 WG7 International Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) SN1 (Sensor Networks) and US ANSI Representative.

Presentation documents are available at Penn State’s Smart Grid Educational Webinar Series Archive at You can also browse the rest of the archives there, or by using the Smart Grid Educational Webinar Series playlist on YouTube.

Originally delivered on July 16, 2012.

Dr. Erfan Ibrahim, Founder & CEO of The Bit Bazaar LLC is offering these monthly seminars as a public service to bridge the knowledge gap in the industry and inspire a new generation of students, researchers, engineers, and policy experts to understand the technical, policy and business requirements to enable Smart Grids and develop the skill set to design, build and manage the infrastructure in a commercially viable way.

The Smart Grid Educational series seminars are bringing world-class experts in the field to educate the industry on critical issues and create a forum for interaction to solve complex problems in this field. These forums also allow national labs and academia to showcase their research work to the nation and internationally to attract new funding, new faculty, new students and new ideas for curriculum development. It is also promoting cutting edge technologies from vendors, world class experts, and sound engineering, business process and policy principles leading to economic growth, job creation, and social benefit.

You can view more webinars at Penn State’s Smart Grid Educational Webinar Series Archive at or by using the Smart Grid Educational Webinar Series playlist on YouTube.

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