Atlanta Mold Testing Services Finds Plumbing Leak With Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Atlanta Mold Testing Services
4355 Cobb Parkway
Bldg. J, Suite 504
Atlanta, GA 30339

Atlanta Mold Testing Services finds a laundry room plumbing leak and water damage with an infrared thermal imaging camera inside of this Atlanta home. If you need mold testing performed inside your home and you’re looking for a certified 3rd party mold testing company that can identify if you have a mold problem, then you need Atlanta Mold Testing Services working for you. We are an ‘A Rated Accredited Business’ with the Atlanta Better Business Bureau and have protected our clients by educating, inspecting, and testing homes for poor indoor air quality and mold growth. We use state-of-the-art Infrared Thermal Imaging technology to help us identify and locate moisture and mold growth inside of homes and commercial buildings.

If you think you have a moisture problem or possible mold inside your home, contact us for Free phone consultation and recommendations to prevent mold growth inside your home.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Scans are included with mold assessment and mold testing at no additional charge.

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