Boden Plumbing – Sonoma, Napa, Petaluma, Ca – Drano Alternative For Clogged Drains

Boden Plumbing serves Sonoma, Ca 95476, Sonoma Valley, Petaluma, Ca, 94952, Napa, Ca 94558 and Napa Valley with quality plumbers, plumbing service and repairs. Boden Plumbing offers a coupon for Off All Plumbing Services and off a new water heater installation — go to to get your coupon. Boden Plumbing has a staff of experienced, knowledgeable, well-mannered plumbers to help you with any plumbing challenge you face.
Drano and similar products sold to consumers to unclog sink drains are harsh acid based solutions that will eat away at your metal pipes if you have them, Drano type products are also toxic to the water environment and should not be used if this is a concern to you. BioOne is a non-toxic, water environment friendly bacteria solution product that you can apply to sinks and toilets once a month, When applied the bacteria wake up and begin to eat all the gunk that clog up drains and water lines, which, if not treated can begin to give off a foul odor. BioOne is a safe alternative to Drano type products. Boden Plumbing carries BioOne – ask them about it.
Boden Plumbing is located at 20075 Broadway in Sonoma, Ca 95476, and they serve Sonoma Valley, Napa, Ca 94558, Napa Valley and Petaluma, Ca, 94952.

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