Charlotte Home Inspector Finds Mold And Clogged Drain Line

While inspecting a home in Charlotte, NC Patrick Waddell find several issues with a garage which has been convered into living space. Garage conversions aften lead to issues. It’s just a fact of home inspection. The problems with this conversion would have happened one way of the other though. At the front, left corner of this home you’ll see a dark stain on the exterior brickwork. This is a sign of water behind that wall. In this case the left side of the home much like a basement. The ground is about 7 feet up the wall. There is a leak somewhere on this side of the wall which is allowing water in behind the drywall and it has been happening for some time now. Prolonged leaks are ones that lead to mold and midlew issues as you can see from this video. The other item pointed out is a clogged condensate drain line found in the HVAC unit in the attic. A very common item found in about 60% of the homes we inspect. Typcially this is a relative easy fix though. Just blowing out the main drain line or being low on freon.

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