Clear Clogged Toilet Using Closet Auger Or Snake

learn the basics of this tool by watching this video. using this tool wrong can leave permenent unsightly scratches in bowl. this is an actual clog at a customers house. Watch Dino try the simple plunger first then the toilet snake to clear this kohler toilet.

dino then speaks to reasons that a toilet may be clogging often and the fix for that issue.

99 % of clogged toilets, need one tool…..a toilet plunger. Proper toilet plungers have built-in extending flange on the rubber part It fit toilets better than a sink plunger & vice versa.

If the toilet still don’t flush go for the snake aka toilet auger or closet auger. There is a correct method of use as not to damage the porcelain your toilet is made of.

A closet auger is a specialty tool for clearing stuffed up toilets, It’s easy to get around internal bends. A rubber sleeve on the auger PROTECTS the bowl from damage. Most obstructions are tooth brush, pens, cell phones, toys, wads of paper and cloth towels, The toilet snake (auger) will easly clear these obstructions. Watch & learn.
this un clogging methods are the same for all makes and models.

epic clogged toilet solved, learn plunger & snake out method, example in video is Kohler GP1078441 Cimarron, Memoirs, Bancroft and Devonshire 3-1/4-Inch Flapper Class 5 for Two-Piece Toilets. this can save you hundreds of dollars and time waiting for plumber. YouTube Channel:

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