Clogged Catch Basins Bloomfield CT 06002

When Home Owner Associations have clogged catch basins on their properties they often have trouble finding a company to maintain them. Call All Things Sewer & Drain Care at 860-857-1277 or, visit our website at We’ll take care of your problem large or, small and are ready to work with property management to take care of all of their drain cleaning needs.

In this video an apartment complex in Bloomfield CT had a problem with 2 catch basins draining causing the road to flood during storms. We found that debris had been dumped over the outlet pipe discharge causing the back up. We dug a clear channel for the discharging water and high pressure water jetted the 12″ line to the catch basin to clear out debris which had accumulated in the pipe. This restores proper drainage for the catch basins and ensures no more flooding of the road during storms.

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