Clogged Sink Drain Unclogged The Best Way

Do you have a problem with a clogged drain or a slow running drain, watch me unclog my drain. Watch me do the job in less than 5 minutes, then you know you can do it too.
I found out the secret to the simple solution of clearing the drain.
I watched a plumber do he used a Plumber’s Auger or Plumber’s Snake. I have been doing this for years and it has saved me money on plumbers bills as well as chemical drain cleaners that never worked for me. Youtube video or film that solves your clogged drain problem. Hope this helps somebody,

In no time at all, or under 5 minutes, this video was made in real time and shows the correct way to unclog a sink drain.

Watch me remove the clog, feed the plumber’s snake into the pipe, and clear the drain.

Additionaly this video shows the simple use of the plumber’s snake.

Save eighty bucks on a plumber and do it yourself.

I bought my Drum Auger for about 16 bucks.

If you call a plumber to clear a sink drain, it will cost at least or 0 or more. Watch the video and maybe save some money.

This video is to give someone that maybe want to try it themself, the confidence to do it.

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