Complete Toilet Flange Extender Repair Kit


If you have a toilet flange that is leaking, broken or too low…Our.toilet flange extender kits will raise your toilet flange to the correct level to provide you with a water and gas-tight seal. They are Code Approved by the UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) and by IAPMO. The correct toilet installation for a toilet flange is on top of your finished floor. Our toilet flange spacers work to raise an existing toilet flange is you are remodeling your bathroom. It doesn’t matter is you have an ABS, PVC, Cast Iron or Lead Bend toilet flange, our kits will work on any of them. Check out our website to find a supplier near you or search for us at Amazon. If you cannot find a distributor just order from our website or call us at 973-694-0014.

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