Crazy! We Open & Drain Giant Pus-Filled Earlobe, You Won’t Believe!

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I have to tell you that I’ve only seen pictures of infected earlobes before. I’ve never been party to treating one of these until now. Not that they are much more complicated than any of the hundreds of abscesses that I have drained in the past but they are rather rare to show up like this one.

This poor soul was more than a little concerned that this was going to be extremely painful. We went out of our way to use a tuberculin syringe and needle to inject the anesthetic. That coupled with our use of the magic spray made the initial anesthetic virtually pain free.

What happens next you have to see to believe.

Gonzo couldn’t help out on this one today. I know there are a lot of Gonzo fans out there so just in case you were worried she is just fine but didn’t make it in on this one. Thanks to Jenny who gladly stepped up to help out!

Yes, we did take fluid for culture. No needles were capped. Pain medication and medication for nausea were prescribed. The patient also received a pain shot and an antibiotic shot.

We can’t use epinephrine on the outer ear. The risk of potent vasoconstriction is too great. The possibility of tissue necrosis and sloughing is quite undesirable! ;-)

Constructive criticism, suggestions, comments are welcome. Thanks! ~JG

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