Drains Not Draining? Sewer Line Clog Solutions | Roto-Rooter

Are you experiencing problems with the drains in your home? Showers and sinks draining slowly? This can be an indication that your sewer line is clogged.

In this video, we address some common causes of household sewer problems.

Use of modern plastic sewer pipes didn’t become common until the 1960’s, which kept troublesome tree roots out of sewer systems. However, older sewer systems made of clay, concrete, and even iron can become susceptible to root intrusion, which can be a cause of major blockages in your home’s sewer system.

An experienced technician can cut away tree roots from your sewer line, along with giving you options for keeping roots from growing again in your sewer line.

If however your sewer line is damaged, roots will continue to grow and can even break the pipe itself. Roto-Rooter can handle repairs in sections or even full sewer-line replacements, using the latest technology.

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