Excavator Travel Motor Damage By Clogged Case Drain

Excavator travel motor case drain filter
We did a video the other day about what can happen when the case drain filter gets clogged on a hydraulic travel motor and today we had 2 drives shipped to us that were damaged by a clogged case drain filter.

As you can see in the video, extreme hydraulic pressure can build up inside the drive and physically blow out and crack the cover plate. Too much hydraulic fluid pressure built up from a clogged case drain filter can cost you a lot of money.

Change your fluid and maintain the internal integrity of the drive at all times to insure a long life of the motor.

Send us your drive today, we will do a thorough inspection and give you a written estimate usually within 24 hours of the motor hitting our door step. All rebuilt drives come with a 1 year warranty and new drives have a 2 year warranty. No one else offers that!


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