Five Most Common Problems With Dishwashers

Kung Fu Maintenance Discusses the Five Most Common Problems With Dishwashers:
1) Clogged Float Cup Switch 0:22
2) Water Shooting from Air Gap. 1:42
3) Dishwasher not Draining 2:31
4) Soap Dispenser Door Not Latching Properly 4:00
5) Stuck Impeller 4:47

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One water drips from the front usually caused by a clogged float switch. 0:22
Two is water spilling out of the counter top air gap most often caused by a clogged air gap drain line. 1:42
Three is a clogged drain line usually at the air gap itself. 2:31
Four is a soap cover that won’t work caused by a detached spring. 4:00
Five is a dishwasher motor that hums but doesn’t start caused by a stuck impeller. 4:47

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